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Those of you that are familiar with me know that I hate chasing after women, and that I am really big on attracting them to me. Now it’s time to talk about something that I took a lot of extensive notes on, and somehow, I managed to overlook when I wrote “Assanova Method (retired version)” and again when I wrote “Assanova’s Simplicity (Version 2)”.

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 So, what is it?
So, what is it? Peacocking on steroids. By using it, you are guaranteed two things: you’re going to attract lots of attention from women, and you’re going to quickly disarm them, making your job a lot easier. I first became aware of this before I started the blog (celebrity date party). There were three instances where women were approaching me like crazy, and they stand out more than any of the other nights I’ve been out.

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 Something totally unexpected
Some of you are familiar with a celebrity date party I went to where I dyed my hair blonde (I went as Dennis Rodman). I had women approaching me all night, one girl hinted that she wanted to fuck me (went out of her way to say “My boyfriend is out of town. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him”), and a girl later told me that all of her friends thought I was really cute. Why were they approaching me? Because they couldn’t believe that really I dyed my hair just for one party: something totally unexpected The second instance was when I went to Fedora’s fraternity breach party. I bought an inflatable duck floatie, and wore it around campus. Not only did I get stopped every block by girls wanting to talk to and take a picture with me, but the guy at the party checking names told me that I was getting in even if I wasn’t on the list because of it, and finally, I wrapped up the night by picking up a totally random girl, on a dark street, and took her around with me all night. A guy walking around with a plastic duck around his waist: something totally unexpected.

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 Approach a guy
And the latest instance was one of those rare occasions that I wear that super huge lip labret piece that I have. I went out with RC and his student, and when the night was getting dull, I decided to pop it in, and the results? Women were approaching me like crazy to talk to me (“Is it real?”, “Can I touch it?“), and RC’s student that he was instructing said “I have never seen so many women approach a guy in my entire life”.

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 What’s the difference
So what’s the difference between what I call peacocking on steroids and just peacocking? Well, when most guys peacock, they over do it, and they either come off as crazy and women don’t approach them, or they put on a unique item, but it doesn’t contrast enough for it to grab anyone’s attention. If you’re going to stand out, then all it takes is ONE item that REALLY contrasts what is expected. An LED belt buckle, painted nails, and clown shoes? “Either this guy is crazy, or he’s being a try hard; stay away.” An LED belt buckle with jeans and shirt? “Ummm. OK? Maybe this guy just doesn‘t have any fashion sense?; make fun of him and keep walking.“ An LED belt buckle with an expensive tuxedo? “What the hell? I have to talk to this guy.; approach him out of curiosity, or stare at him all night”, as it is obvious that you aren‘t trying to be serious about it.

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 Provide enough contrast
You’ve also heard me talking about mixing in an item from another culture in order to provide that contrast without overdoing it. I happened to run across pictures of one of the other guru’s out there, and so far, he’s the only other person I’ve seen who does it really well. Everyone else overdoes it or doesn’t provide enough contrast.

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 Ever heard of Herbal?
Ever heard of Herbal? Well, he is a scrawny white guy that wears this huge thug gangster chain link necklace with a lock as a charm. If a tall black guy like me wears it? No one cares: it‘s expected. But if a scrawny nerdy looking white guy does it? Genius. The same goes for my huge labret. A rough looking white guy wears it? No big deal: it‘s expected. A black guy with fancy clothes wears it? Genius. Women grow interested and know that we don’t take it seriously.

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 Final Words
To wrap this up, peacocking on steroids isn’t just about standing out, it’s about standing out in a way that is unexpected and not “try-hard“. When you do this in a contrasting like fashion, women know that you aren’t trying to be serious about it, it disarms them, they laugh, they smile, they want to get to know who you are, and they become very warm and open to talking to you. If you want to attract a lot of positive attention from women, then having this seductive weapon in your arsenal is a must.

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